Ventillation1. Keratin treatments for smoothing and straightening hair often utilize either formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde. And, both may be potentially harmful if safe limits are exceeded for prolonged periods.

2. Formaldehyde has an OSHA “action limit” which requires operators to receive special training, monitoring and wear personal protective gear if exposure exceeds 0.5 ppm, averaged over an 8 hour time period (time weighted average)

3. Glutaraldehyde containing products (often sold as “Formaldehyde-Free”) create even more potentially hazardous vapors, which is why California OSHA has set the legal maximum inhalation limit for glutaraldehyde at 0.2 ppm, less than half that of formaldehyde.

4. Without the proper ventilation cosmetologists may be overexposed to excessive levels of either formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde vapor.

5. Repeated overexposure to either formaldehyde of glutaraldehyde vapors can cause upper respiratory tract irritation, difficulty breathing, occupation-related asthma and other related symptoms, e.g. skin allergic sensitivity or burning/watery eyes.

6. When used properly, the Aerovex Systems’ Chemical Source Capture system* can help ensure cosmetologists are working at safe levels.

7. An even greater measure of safety can be obtained by using one or more of the Aerovex Systems’ Room Air Purifiers to further scrub these potentially harmful vapors from the air and create a more healthful salon environment.

8. Using an Aerovex Systems’ Room Air Purifier in conjunction with the Chemical Source Capture system further reduces the potential for overexposure and helps ensure that all salon workers are prevented from accidentally overexposing themselves to many common vapors and dusts found in the salon.